Friday Theme - Monsters

Loonie by MonstersEtc

My Friday Theme and latest treasury is full of the cutest monsters from Etsy!
Click the link below  to see them all:

Monster hat by happycloud

Little Monster by lachiffonniere

Pebbles Magnets by ksickles

The most beautiful bibles - my new favorite book

As you may know (or just found out) I am a huge fan of medieval art - old medieval manuscripts in particular. Last week I bought a book so stunning that I couldn't take my eyes off it for a very long time. It's called "The most beautiful bibles" - a collection of rare and significant manuscripts reproduced with the impeccable quality. I absolutely love it! It's full of mystical monsters, saints, beautiful ladies (even naked ones!) and scenes of cruel torture. Just check these illustrations out!

Welcome to my crafting space!

Where do I crochet? What does inspire me? How do I handle my crafty mess?
Check the PolEtsy Blog out!

Blame it on the chihuahua

Blame it on the chihuahua - Treasury - It took my AGES to put it together so you HAVE to check it out :)

Purple Dreams Treasury

My coasters have been featured in this lovely Treasury by sofiasobeide called Purple Dreams. Plum purple is one of my favorite colors and I use it everywhere.

DIY Guide for dummies

And here's another of my Treasuries - DIY Guide For Dummies,
selection of beautiful handmade patterns. Check it out!

Friday theme #2 - Clouds

Today's theme - clouds. I love sitting on my balcony and looking at different clouds that are passing by. Different colors, shapes... beautiful!

Bath puff PDF crochet pattern tutorial - DIY (beginner level)

This PDF pattern is a print-friendly, beautifully designed and well-written document that will guide you through the process of making a lovely bath puff in 2 colors. Because of its unique crochet pattern, this bath puff dries much faster than any solid bath buff.

The estimated time of crocheting one bath puff is approx. 1h for advanced beginners and a bit more if you learn to crochet.

Bath puffs crocheted using this PDF pattern MAY BE SOLD on Etsy and any other crafts site.

Path Puff Crochet Pattern on Etsy

Orange juice & yarn whore

Some new treasuries I have been included recently - absolutely love them :) Thanks to all the curators!

Orange juice by my friend from PolEtsy team - ifOna
Yarn Yarn Yarn by ginaregina
Yarn Whore by sylvialouise

Check them out & show some love (by clicking and commenting).

** actually the title describes me a little - I'm both - orange juice AND yarn whore :) Only today I drank a huge bottle of orange juice and I'm surrounded by yarn even when I sleep (disadvantage of having your crafting corner in the bedroom)

Friday theme #1 - FROG

Today I decided to look for some lovely frogs on Etsy - small cute and green creatures that live among us. I saw one today in the morning on my way to the office - it was so beautiful that I was angry at myself for not having a camera.

by EcoLovebyBunny

Crochet spring flowers

I am absolutely in love with these tiny blue flowers I used for my recent project - and this picture is one of my favorites:

Lovely Etsy treasures

Some of Etsy Treasuries featuring my items:

Rusty Treasures  by MamiMadeIt

A walk through Poland by Cynamonn

Round pot holder - easy crochet pattern

I decided to start a new week with this lovely round pot holder I made yesterday. I am quite proud of it and really like the way it looks. It's a beginner level easy crochet pattern - with step by step guide and description of all crochet stitches used. Check it out:


Check also my other crochet patterns out!

New easy crochet patterns from moi :)

Today I give you two crocheted pot holders that can be used also as wash cloths. I had lot of fun making both  of them. As always - the patterns are very easy to follow step-by-step guides with detailed description of all crochet stitches used for these projects.

Zig Zag Pot holder

Easy PDF crochet pattern
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Spring Pot Holder

Easy PDF crochet pattern
Visit my Etsy Store

If you want to see more of my crochet patterns go to:

Spring is here!

After reading my friend's (Sylwka) blog about natural and eco-friendly living, I decided to start my own garden full of great herbs. For starters, I have basil, lavender, thyme, parsley, hives and oregano. So far only basil and hives showed up - can't wait to see the lavender!

I also planted some lovely flowers, a mix of different kinds - they should have flowers in 6 months.I hope my cat won't eat them until then :)

Apple cozy and eco-friendly jute twine bowls

I have finished and listed new designs today. Can't decide which one is my favorite... The apple cozy looks so cute that I don't want to eat the apple and leave it as it is :) The jute baskets are exactly what I needed at home - beautiful & natural (did I mention eco-friendly?) way to store vegetables and fruits. They look so great in my kitchen. Have to make more!

Here are my new patterns - check them out:

Cute Apple Cozy 

PDF crochet pattern

Jute twine basket #1

PDF crochet pattern

Jute twine basket #2

PDF crochet pattern

If you want to see more of my crochet patterns go to my Etsy store:

I'm one small step from...

..having 40 sales! What a great news - especially today which seems to be one of my worst days in weeks - first I woke up and was sure that it was Saturday, then when I realized it's !@$%^@^$ Friday, I had nothing to wear (my closet is full of clothes.....). In the office I had lot of boring Word+Excel work and in the middle of the day I discovered that my bag is full of chocolate milk...

A lovely beginning of a weekend, isn't it? :)

Just finished - apple cozy crochet pattern

Just finished this lovely apple cozy. Have to say that I'm in love with it!
Will list the pattern on Etsy and Ravelry probably tomorrow.

In the meantime feel free to check my other crochet patterns out at

My coasters are on the Etsy Front Page!

My favorite set of coasters is featured on the front page of Etsy!
Thanks a million to the treasury's curator - HeartshapedCreations

It's the 6th time since I've opened my Etsy store (2 months ago) that one of my coasters' sets is featured on the FP. Not bad at all :)

Ecological Crocheted Jute Basket

Jute ecological basket PDF crochet pattern tutorial - DIY (beginner level)

This PDF pattern is a print-friendly, beautifully designed and well-written document that will guide you through the process of making a lovely ecological jute basket. You can use it to store fruits, jewellery or put a flower pot inside.

This PDF tutorial contains also instructions how to adjust the crochet pattern to make baskets of various sizes.

The estimated time of crocheting one ecological jute basket is approx. 1h for advanced beginners and a bit more if you learn to crochet.

Jute baskets crocheted using this PDF pattern MAY BE SOLD on Etsy and any other crafts site. PLEASE place link to my shop in your listings if you used this pattern.

The pattern is available both on Etsy and Ravelry

Such a tragedy...

Today is one of the worst days in Polish history since World War II. We woke up to discover that our President, the First Lady and 87 senior Polish officials died in a plane crash in Russia. They were on their way to take part in commemorations to mark the 70th anniversary of a massacre of over 20 thousands of Polish officers by the Soviet Union.

First I couldn't believe when my mom called me to tell me what's happened. I was downtown shopping and came back home in a huge shock. I turned on polish radio hoping that it's not true, that someone survived that fatal crash but no... everyone died.

I didn't like Mr. Kaczynski as a politician, he was a very controversial figure on Polish political scene but never the less it's a big loss for Poland and I even don't try to imagine what a hell it is for their families. We might like them or not but we have to remember that they were human beings, someone's fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, friends...

My deepest condolences to all the members of their families. Poland won't be the same place anymore.

Colors of our treasuries

Today I have been included in so many lovely treasuries on Etsy! Love the colors and simply can't decide which is my favorite one. Check them out:

CoralBlues by ThePeachTree
Beautiful subtle pink colors. Maybe I'm getting weird with age but from some time I kind of like pink

I will search the rainbow by ERGANIweaving
All colors of the rainbow

Mother Colors by sesideco
Each mother will love these beautiful colors.

Spring Green by DagnyKnit
What else can I say? Spring is here!

A huge hug for all the curators - great work!

What I was doing in Paphos before Easter - 110 BOC Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time in Paphos working very hard (just imagine waking up at 6 if you are used to waking at 9...). The exhibition's opening was a huge success, lot of people came to see it and they really liked what we did. Later this month the exhibition is going to be moved to Limassol.

 Here are the results!

Want to learn how to hand crochet coasters, pot holders, facials scrubbies or bath puffs?

Here are 4 lovely crochet tutorials that will guide you through the process of crocheting items for your home. All my PDF crochet tutorials contain detailed step-by-step patterns and description of all crochet stitches used for each project.

Items crocheted using my PDF patterns may be sold on Etsy, ZIbbet, Artfire, DaWanda or any other crafts site.

Crocheted facial Scrubbies with handle - PDF crochet pattern
The estimated time of crocheting one scrubbier is less than 15 minutes for advanced beginners and a bit more if you learn to crochet.

Estimated time: < 20 minutes 

Crocheted Pot Holder / Bath Scrub / Kitchen Scrub - PDF crochet pattern
Old Granny in new style - a lovely gift for a Mothers Day or for your grandmother.

Estimated time: 1h

Crocheted Bath Puff - PDF crochet pattern
This lovely pattern is fun to crochet even for beginners. It dries much faster than any other solid bath puffs!

Estimated time: 1h

Crocheted round coasters - PDF crochet pattern
These round coasters are very decorative yet easy to crochet even for beginners. It's a perfect gift or your house decoration.

Estimated time: 25 minutes

You are not allowed to copy, sell or redistribute my PDF crochet patterns in any form without written permission.